Our Story

Hello, I’m Mimi, mummy to Chloe, and the creator of OOYOO. I studied fashion and textiles at university and have worked in the fashion industry since 2008 in London and New York.

OOYOO who?

I love shopping and being inspired by all things cute and beautiful. I am always on the hunt for products that are well designed, good quality and unique. In 2016 I welcomed my daughter Chloe into the world. I love dressing her up and she gives me even more reasons to buy cute and beautiful things.

After much deliberation and time spent trying to juggle the perfect work life balance, I decided to create OOYOO in 2020, a lifestyle brand for the little ones we love. The vision is to become the online destination for authentic, design led, modern children’s wear and baby clothes.


What’s special about OOYOO is that every item is handpicked by myself and Chloe. I believe that an outfit can change the way you feel and give you more confidence by focusing on minimalism, design, quality and comfort.

We work with small independent designers who are often working mums. The biggest challenge they face are copycats who sell at half the price (and quality). Authenticity is important to us and we believe it’s important to recognise the hard work and efforts that our independent designers put into designing and crafting the product.

Who it's for

OOYOO is perfect for those who like to 'Buy less, Buy better'; having 2 items instead of 4 and reusing them, passing them down and passing them on is the way to go. This is achieved by thinking about the 'price per wear' and the quality of the pieces that you buy.

We hope you love the products and treasure them like we do; we want to give you the best clothes, accessories and service.

Thank you for visiting OOYOO!

Love Mimi & Chloe